Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) provides vital information and support to the over 20,000 Australian women and men diagnosed with breast cancer each year; helping when they hear those shocking words, “You have breast cancer”.  Our information enables people to make informed decisions about their treatment and its financial implications; and our network provides opportunities to connect with others going through a similar experience.  We also use the power of our 150,000-strong consumer network to advocate for a better health system so that everyone with breast cancer has access to optimal care.
In its 20-year history, BCNA has distributed over 280,000 printed resources.  Our Helpline receives 13,000 calls each year and close to 35,000 people have downloaded our podcasts and webcasts.  There are 21,000 people registered for our online peer support network and close to 15,000 users of our My Journey online tool.  But our impact extends well beyond those who access our services.  BCNA’s advocacy has seen many important breast cancer drugs like Herceptin listed on the PBS and treatments like MRI scans made more accessible through Medicare, which helps everyone diagnosed with breast cancer, and the hundreds of thousands of family, friends, employers and communities supporting them. Equity of access to the best care is at the heart of our advocacy.