Campbell & Partners Consulting (CPC) was established in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia by Rick Campbell and has evolved to become the recognised leader in the provision of Complete Print and Select Technological Solutions on a state, national, regional and international basis. As the Founder and CEO, Rick provides a combined 25 years of managerial appointments and over 20 years of industry experience. CPC’s team are subject matter experts and pride themselves on providing a “white glove” service to our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.

What does CPC offer
CPC provides the ultimate in vendor independent solutions and is a risk free alternative to traditional OEM / Vendor based services or the internal procurement process and the associated ongoing management of these services.

Specialising in the areas of:

  • Complete Print Solutions (CPS)
  • Document information management – single source
  • Sign-In solution: reception, visitor and contractor management
  • Meeting room coordination and
  • Hot desking solutions

CPC Guarantee:

  • An ultimate reduction in print related expenditure
  • An increase in productivity and efficiency
  • An increase in environmental sustainability and
  • Continuity in dedicated 'end to end' Account Management

At CPC, we focus on working with our clients to understand their business environment, needs and related expenditure. With our dedicated team and global vendor relationships, we tailor a complete solution design to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our commitment to continually reviewing the market to provide ongoing improvement, ensures our clients consistently receive best practise solutions.

OUR SERVICES as a technology partner

CPS – Complete Print Solutions
At CPC we provide a white glove approach to the design of your Complete Print Solution. We work with you/the client to understand your current print environment and related expenditure, to confirm specifically where and how it is being spent. We utilise this data to identify inefficiencies and develop and subsequently deploy customised strategies, to streamline your business workflows, increase productivity and achieve double digit percentage net savings.

Document Information Management – Single source
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an integral part of any business and to manage this through a single view, rather than through data migration, we can accelerate digital business transformation by breaking down silos in multiple applications, systems and repositories. Information can be organised and managed based on: ‘what’ it is, instead of ‘where’ it is stored on the company network.

Ultimately CPC automate manual workflows and allow employees to work more productively ensuring a unified user experience.

solutions
Supporting the operation of the front desk to your business, CPC can assist in upgrading to an electronic sign-in solution. Tailored to the needs of the workplace, we identify the most effective way to streamline the visitor meet and greet process, manage visitor log records, increase the security of staff through instant notification of any visitor with immediate photo identification and meeting all your internal OH&S compliancy requirements.

Meeting room solutions
People need to connect and CPC can find the right solution to facilitate the management of your meeting spaces, utilising technology as a service. Todays’ work environments are varied and fast-paced, requiring technology solutions that can also adapt quickly. From scheduling software, illuminated room availability indicators, to user friendly touch screens, CPC will design the right fit solution to connect and collaborate across all meeting spaces, be it locally or internationally.

Hot desking solutions
Coordinating the ‘hot desk’ environment can present challenges, with staff requiring different spaces at different times. Enabling staff to find a workplace quickly and effectively, using ‘desk booking software’, provides staff with time efficiencies and the ability to book a workspace that best meets their needs. Bookings can be made via a mobile app, a web portal, outlook or using digital screens. The reporting function also provides an overview of how the business facilities are being utilised by staff and can assist in ensuring informed future workspace decisions.