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by Robyn Tongol - July 23, 2024

How to address family and domestic violence impacting employees

Recent government efforts to better support employees suffering from family and domestic violence are a step in the right direction, but do they go far enough?

On this episode of The HR Leader, host Emma Musgrave is joined by Tammy Hewitt for an honest and insightful conversation about addressing the issue in Australian workplaces.

Tammy is a mental health advocate and keynote speaker who has a passion for educating business leaders about how they can implement practical measures in-house to support staff who need it most.

While she is encouraged by the new Australian legislation, which allows employees 10 days of family and domestic violence leave, she shares how employers can go the extra mile.

Tammy also shares the tell-tale signs of family and domestic violence HR can look out for in staff – and the appropriate steps to take in supporting them from the get-go.

This article originally featured in HR Leader