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by Robyn Tongol - July 23, 2024

Why part-time lawyering works for me

Working part-time as a lawyer can often be associated with caring responsibilities. However, as Meg Crawford details, there is a multitude of personal or lifestyle factors that may lead a lawyer to pursue other vocational pathways while maintaining a part-time practice — lawyers always, she believes, have such options in front of them.

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Justitia Lawyers and Consultants special counsel Meg Crawford about her journey as a lawyer and the ups and downs she has experienced in her life, how those experiences have led her towards other pursuits, and how her perception of what she wanted to do vocationally has evolved over time.

Ms Crawford also details what her three-day working week set-up looks like and how she makes it work with her firm, changing views on what it means to be a legal professional, how those coming through the ranks can explore part-time working arrangements with their employers if they have other pursuits in mind, shaking off traditional mindsets of the volume of work required of lawyers, and how she feels optimistic about the sustainability of her more holistic approach to her career.

This article originally featured in Lawyers Weekly