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by Robyn Tongol - March 2, 2022

One on one with the FPA CEO

On a new episode of the ifa Show, host Neil Griffiths chats with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) CEO Sarah Abood.

After taking over from former CEO Dante De Gori late last year, Ms Abood sat down to discuss a number of current issues in the advice sector, including compliance and regulation and heated debate about the current education requirements.

“What's missing for me in a lot of the conversation right now is probably a deeper discussion about whether the standards are fit for purpose and for the different types of practises that many advisers have,” she said.

“The anger about the current requirements that I've seen has often come from advisers who are specialising in a particular area of advice, and I can really understand the frustration of an adviser who might be practising in, say, personal risk and the fact that they're being asked to go back to uni and do tertiary level of qualifications, in some cases for many years, in areas in which they don't practice is infuriating.

“I think we should be talking more about specialisations, and I think [we] should be recognising those in the standards, and I really hope that that's taken on board.”

Listen to the full episode here.